One-on-one Lessons

Paint your own amazing coffee table

One-on-one 4 lessons of 3 hours each

400 Eur

What is the difference between a house & a home? Well, I believe that you feel at "home" in the place where your heart feels comfortable and happy, where your "personal touch" is in the air, where all the furniture & all the home decorations reflect your personality. And what can be closer to your heart than a furniture item actually painted by yourself?

So, in these 4 lessons you will learn : 

- how to prepare the surface before painting it

- how to use the primer

- how to sketch the geometrical patterns

- how to apply the colors and the liner

- how to seal & varnish the wooden table


In the end you will have own painted coffee table, a real colorful masterpiece!

All the materials used are included in the lesson price (the table is also included)

Introduction in fluid painting

One-on-one private 3 hour-lesson

100 Eur

Fluid painting is a form of abstract art that uses acrylic paints with a fluid consistency. The acrylic paints react with each other when combined together to make amazing & unique motifs. You'll have lots of fun while creating your own beautiful canvas painting. At the end of this 3 hour-course you'll become a confident fluid art artist.

At this course you'll learn:

- how to set up your own paint pouring studio at home

- all the details about the acrylics, the mixing ratios & the liquid mediums 

- the puddle pour technique

- how to create mesmerizing effects using different tools

- how to varnish & protect your art

All the materials used are included in the lesson price.

Create a One-of-a kind painted gift (4 table coasters)

One-on-one 2 lessons of 3 hours each

120 Eur

If you are interested in creating an unforgettable gift for someone special or for a unique occasion, then this might be exactly what you need!


You will learn how to create a beautiful set of 4 painted table coasters customized with a special message. It's an amazing gift, who would't be happy to receive colorful & beautiful  wooden coasters that were painted specially for them? 

And you will have  so much fun while creating this gift that will brighten up the world! 

All the materials used are included in the lesson price (the table is also included)

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