Adela Mihut
jewelry workshop participant

The atmosphere created by Andrea, the beautiful colors of the materials and all those jewelry accessories made me feel happy as a child in the candy store.It is an amazing feeling to create your own jewelry, the satisfaction that you get can't be described into words. I feel very proud to wear these unique pieces, I will definitely participate at this creative workshop again!

Daniela Alexe
jewelry workshop participant

The warm and friendly atmosphere, the location and the background music which perfectly completed our state of mind, all of it contributed to a wonderful experience. We discovered a lot of materials &tools, we learned different techniques and we had a lot of fun doing it. And nothing could beat the final fantastic feeling we had when we saw the amazing jewelry we created with our own hands. I look forward to wear them and be proud of my accomplishment. Thank you Andrea for the unforgettable experience!!!

Gabriela Simon

This year, as Christmas gifts for my friends & my work colleagues I was looking for something really special, colorful & unique, because I care a lot about the. I was so thrilled when I found Andrea's website & I discovered the painted table coasters. The amazing colors, the unique patterns, the fact that they are handmade & the possibility to  write on them a custom message made them the perfect gifts. I fondly remember the smiles & cheerful reactions of my friends and colleagues  when they received these original coasters which brightens their mornings and desks!  

Dan Dumitru

This year, my wife & I celebrate 5 years of marriage and being a special occasion I wanted to find a unique gift, something beautiful and created especially for this anniversary. So I was very thrilled when I I discovered Andrea's artwork, because my wife is an art lover & she is very interested in abstract painting. Andrea painted an amazing canvas, with mesmerizing effects and she used "autumn" colors, being inspired by the fact that my wife & I got married in a beautiful October day. My wife was very impressed and we both love that this special artwork is part of our home!

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