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"The creative adult is the child who has survived" 

Ursula K.Le Guin


believe with all my heart that we are all creative beings. Without creativity our world would be stuck in the same place it was when it began. Because it's the creativity that creates the innovation.


And I also believe that the purpose of our lives is to be happy, to follow our dreams and to do in life what we really love, living each day with a joyful heart, with kindness & compassion to all other beings.

I'm a huge nature & animal lover, a full-time artist, a very grateful person for being able to do in life what I really love.

I have my own jewelry studio where I design & create contemporary sterling silver jewelry, I paint and from time to time I make small, very colorful furniture items. Everything I create is made with sparkles of pure joy.


I hope you enjoy my site and that your heart is smiling every day  :)

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